The mouse hematopoietic system has served as a paradigm for analysis of developmental fate decisions in tissue homeostasis and regeneration. However, multiple immunophenotypic definitions and sometimes divergent nomenclatures to classify murine multipotent progenitors (MPPs) have emerged in the field over time. This has created significant confusion and inconsistency in the hematology field. To facilitate easier comparison of murine MPP phenotypes between research laboratories, a working group of four ISEH members with extensive experience studying the functional activities associated with different MPP phenotypic definitions reviewed the current state of the field with the goal of developing a position statement towards a simplified and unified immunophenotypic definition of MPP populations. In November of 2020, this position statement was presented as a webinar to the ISEH community for discussion and feedback. Hence, the Simplified MPP Identification Scheme presented here is the result of curation of existing literature, consultation with leaders in the field, and crowdsourcing from the wider experimental hematology community. Adoption of a unified definition and nomenclature, while still leaving room for individual investigator customization, will benefit scientists at all levels trying to compare these populations between experimental settings.
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