Tuberculous peritonitis (TBP) is uncommon in Japan, and its diagnosis with conventional methods is time taking and requires a high clinical index of suspicion. Laparoscopy with peritoneal biopsy is a tool for rapid and accurate diagnosis of TBP. However, few cases have mentioned the infectious control and prevention during the perioperative period. This case is written following the SCARE scale for case report writing.
A 30-year-old man from Southeast Asia with a past medical history of pulmonary tuberculosis at 3-year-old admitted to our institution with abdominal pain and slight fever lasting for a week. With the elevation of inflammatory response and CA125, we conducted CT (Computed tomography). Not only ascites, panniculitis with peritoneal nodules, and the thickening of the omentum were found. Considering the possibility of malignancy and TBP, we performed a diagnostic laparoscopy. Slightly cloudy ascites, peritoneal and thickening omentum with white nodules were seen, and pathological diagnosis from the omentum during the operation raised the possibility of TBP due to its caseating granuloma and these findings allowed us to start the rapid treatment.
We reported the effectiveness of diagnostic laparoscopy along with the aspect of perioperative prevention for TBP.

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