It Ain’t Your Mother’s Point-Counterpoint! In fact, it’s not a point-counterpoint at all.

Introducing Physician’s Weekly new editorial initiative, inDEPTH; DEPTH is an acronym for Diverse, Evidence-based Perspectives in Today’s Healthcare. Instead of a traditional point/counterpoint format in which two opposing sides of a given issue present their case, inDEPTH views the same issues through different lenses, allowing for diverse, reasonable, evidence-based conclusions to coexist. These sourced viewpoints both create visibility into how different colleagues interpret and address key issues, as well as serve to expand clinicians’ frame of reference—all to achieve better patient care and enhance physicians’ day-to-day practice of medicine. We’re curating the biggest topics in medicine and going beyond one or two luminary perspectives on the impact, offering those of multiple stakeholders from different points of view—with DEPTH.

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How Can You Help Make the Most of inDEPTH?

Funny you should ask. Think of it as a chance to explain to your colleagues how the circumstances in which you practice medicine affect how you view, for example, the results of a given study or the recommendations from a new clinical guideline, with evidence to support your perspective—all with the goal of making them think “That’s interesting/useful, I hadn’t thought of it from that perspective.”

Help Us Help You!

We want to make sharing your voice with your colleagues as easy as possible. Please use the below form to submit your 250-300-word perspective. Thanks so much for your time and willingness to help us share the DEPTH of Physicians’ Voices, including yours!