Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most malignant brain tumor with high mortality. Knowledge of the stemness concept has developed recently, giving rising to a novel hallmark with therapeutic potential that can help in management of GBM recurrence and prognosis. However, limited blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration, non-discriminatory distribution, and deficiency of diagnosis remain three major obstacles need to be overcome for further facilitating therapeutic effects. Herein, D4F and α-Melittin (a-Mel) are co-assembled to construct bio-fabricated nanoplatforms, which endowed with inherent BBB permeability, precise tumor accumulation, deep penetration, and immune activation. After carrying arsenic trioxide (ATO) and manganese dichloride (MnCl), these elaborated nanodrugs, Mel-LNPs/MnAs, gather in tumor foci by natural pathways and respond to microenvironment to synchronously release Mn and As, achieving real-time navigating-diagnosis and tumor cell proliferation inhibition. Through down regulating CD44 and CD133 expression, the GBM stemness was suppressed to overcome its high recurrence, invasion, and chemoresistance. After being combined with temozolomide (TMZ), the survival rate of GBM-bearing mice is significantly enhanced, and the rate of recurrence is powerfully limited. Collectively, this tumor-specific actuating multi-modality nanotheranostics provide a promising candidate for clinical application with high security.
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