Similar Outcomes for Permissive Underfeeding, Standard Feeding

For critically ill patients, outcomes similar in those at high, low nutritional risk

New Anticancer Drugs Up Costs and Life Expectancy Considerably

Lifetime costs up $72,000, life expectancy up 13 months with new drug use in breast cancer

Objective Criteria ID Those With No Chance of Survival in OHCA

Three objective criteria identify patients with no chance of survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Similar NSCLC Survival for Surgical, Endosonographic Staging

Five-year survival not significantly different after mediastinoscopy or endosonographic staging

Newborn Gut Microbiome May Predict Later Allergy, Asthma

Gut microbiome dysbiosis might promote CD4+ T cell dysfunction

Parents Often Make Dosing Errors With Liquid Medications

Parents make fewer mistakes using oral syringes compared to cups

Sleep Apnea Diagnoses Up Among Outpatients From 1993 to 2010

Majority of diagnoses reported by primary care providers, pulmonologists, and otolaryngologists

One in Four Older Adults Report Breathlessness

Breathlessness linked to lower ratings of well-being; higher rates of clinic, ER visits, hospitalization