This study describes the creation and examination of the internal consistency, content validity, construct-structural validity, and criterion-concurrent validity of the Select Medical Patient Reported Experience Measure (SM-PREM ©).
Observational study design.
1,054 outpatient physical and occupational therapy locations in North America.
The study included 89,205 patients with various musculoskeletal disorders.
Not applicable.
Content validity was described, and internal consistency, construct-structural validity (factor analysis), and criterion-concurrent validity were analyzed, with concurrent validity compared against patient reported outcomes (PROM), the Net Promoter Scale (NPS), and the Orebro Musculoskeletal Screening Questionnaire-12 (OMSQ-12).
Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the SM-PREM yielded three dimensions, each with a very strong internal consistency (>.850). The SM-PREM yielded statistically significant results in all areas, with values that reflected minimal to fair association with PROMs.
The SM-PREM appears to capture a unique construct compared to PROMs. The 11-item tool has three definitive dimensions and exhibits strong internal consistency. The tool may be useful in examining patient experience in patients with musculoskeletal injuries seen by physical and occupational therapists.

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