Vaccination is the most important strategy in preventing COVID-19. Vaccine efficacy and safety have been established in clinical trials but real-world data are useful to determine occurrence of adverse events in a population with heterogeneous characteristics. Knowledge on the hematologic events associated with different COVID-19 vaccines would be beneficial for patients as well as hematologists who oversee the care of these patients. This study aimed to determine the rates and outcomes of hematologic adverse events after COVID-19 vaccination in the Philippines. In this self-controlled case series, there were 268 individuals reported to have hematologic adverse events. Most received Comirnaty at 29.85%. Majority (62.31%) reported hematologic adverse events following the first dose of the vaccine. The overall event rate was 0.0182 per 10,000 vaccine doses; and lymphadenopathy was the most common hematologic adverse effect with a rate of 0.011 per 10,000 vaccine doses, followed by anemia at 0.0034 per 10,000 vaccine doses and thrombocytopenia at 0.0017 per 10,000 vaccine doses. Autoimmune cytopenias were also reported with an event rate of 0.0007 per 10,000 vaccine doses for ITP. One-hundred thirty two (49.25%) were fully recovered and 23.88% were recovering from hematologic adverse events as of the time of writing. The study showed a low rate of hematologic adverse events post COVID-19 vaccination with the seven different vaccine brands administered in the Philippines.
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