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Outcomes of Obesity in Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis

Acute alcoholic hepatitis is a condition of inflammation of the liver caused by drinking alcohol. While acute alcoholic hepatitis in itself is a serious condition, the complications increase in obese patients. The objective of...

Use of AADs in Patients with Obesity-Mediated AF

Obesity is one of the established risk factors of arterial fibrillation (AF). Antiarrhythmic drugs (AADs) are used to prevent and treat abnormal heartbeat conditions, like AF, but their effect on obesity-mediated AF is not...

Role of Obesity in Smoking Behavior

Smoking behavior in individuals can vary, but in recent years, smoking behavior has been increasingly linked to obesity. This study aims to evaluate the association of BMI score, body fat with waist circumference and smoking...

Role of Diet in Type 2 Diabetes Incidence

The incidence of type-2 diabetes is known to be significantly linked with diet, but the exact associations are still unclear. This study aims to investigate the evidence of associations between dietary factors and the incidence...

America’s Obesity Epidemic Threatens Effectiveness of Any COVID Vaccine

Vaccines engineered to protect the public from influenza, hepatitis B, tetanus and rabies are less effective for obese people, leaving them more vulnerable to serious illness. As scientists race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, experts say obesity could prove an impediment — a sobering prospect for a nation in which nearly half of all adults are obese.



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