The following is the summary of “Cyanoacrylate glue foreign body after CT-guided localization of a pulmonary nodule during video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: a case report”  published in the January 2023 issue of Pulmonary medicine by Deng, et al.

The aspiration of a foreign body into the trachea is a common type of airway obstruction that might lead to an emergency. This obstruction frequently results in unnoticed respiratory issues that need to be managed. Most of the time, the tracheal blockage is caused by iatrogenic foreign bodies that were placed there by medical professionals. It could save lives if the foreign body stuck in the tracheobronchial system could be extracted. 

It was determined that the source of a comparable instance of a tracheal foreign body was medical adhesive employed during preoperative computed tomography localization of lung nodules. Therefore, the case in question was examined. After receiving anesthesia, a fiber bronchoscopy was performed to detect a double-lumen tube. During this procedure, a foreign body that had been lodged in the right upper airway was identified by accident.

A video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery was performed, and the foreign body was successfully removed utilizing a respiratory endoscopy. The patient did not have any bad effects as a result of this procedure. However, when doing preoperative localisation of pulmonary nodules by injecting cyanoacrylate glue, there is a possibility that problems will arise as a result of iatrogenic airway foreign bodies.