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Culture of Safety: Just Do It | Feature

Quite a number of years ago, a patient of mine came to see me for her routine annual physical examination, and it ended up costing her a

Don’t Build That Wall, At Least Not in Medicine | Medical Blog

While certain politicians pontificate about building a wall to separate the US from surrounding countries, people passionately debate the issue. Doctors are included in this and arguments

Decisions made in Orlando: Is there any law more misunderstood than HIPAA? | Medical Blog

On the morning of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, a tweet by CNN stated, “The White House waived HIPAA regulations so that hospitals could talk with

Avoid Patient Abandonment: 8 Tips for Termination | Medical Blog

The law governing medical abandonment is predicated on the more dependent status of the patient in the relationship with the physician. Abandonment in the medical setting means

Mystery solved: Keep your white coats. And your sleeves. | Medical Blog

My research staff recently came across a paper that directly addressed this problem. As they say on the Internet, “The results will make your jaw drop.” The

Patient Dies 90 Min After Live Broadcast Surgery | Medical Blog

"Was the delay in deciding to open influenced by the presence of an audience of 100 surgeons expecting to see a laparoscopic liver resection?"

A Radical Step: The ‘Bump List’ | Medical Blog

“Our proposal is to create a ‘bump list’ made up of patients who call up seeking a same- or next-day appointment. We have decided to try something

The Doctor in the Mirror | Medical Blog

“Many people see doctors and see arrogance or greed. Others see caring souls. The doctor in the mirror sees a broken soul and carries much suffering.” –

Coping With the No-Shows | Medical Blog

5,941. Are you kidding me? Disturbed by a rising no-show rate in our residents’ practices, we ran the numbers the other day. Looking back over the past

The Opioid Epidemic: What Was the Joint Commission’s Role? | Medical Blog

"This set the tone for clinicians—patients are always to be trusted to report pain accurately."

Should Doctors Wear White Coats? The Debate Continues | Medical Blog

An infectious disease fellow at the Harvard Medical School is convinced that white coats are covered in bacteria and cause infections. But in a post on a

Doctor Curmudgeon®: Coming soon! Your government presents… | Medical Blog

The United States Government Healthcare Appointment line! SCENE; JUST A SHORT TIME INTO THE FUTURE OPERATOR:   RECORDED VOICE: United States Health Care appointment line. You must first find

Caribbean invasion: Medical school turf wars | Medical Blog

"Medical school tuition has outpaced inflation by 6 times. I agree with the chancellor. I don’t think human illness is a commodity to be sold in the marketplace."

Lipo Blunders, Yet a 4-Star Doc Rating | Medical Blog

“My specialty that I love to do is the Brazilian butt lift. I'm known to be very aggressive when it comes to liposuction.” - Dr. Omulepu

Child Abuse Awareness Month: Fighting the Monster Under the Bed | Medical Blog

"As healthcare professionals we are bound by duty to report suspected cases and help these kids. But even the medical community often fails in this regard."

Healthcare CSI: Our Patients the Victims | Medical Blog

The crime scene is the US healthcare system scattered in clinics, private practices, and hospitals throughout the country. The system lies in tatters on the ground with

Liability FAQs: “Curbside consult—an established physician-patient relationship?” | Medical Blog

Dr. MedLaw answers pressing questions about when someone legally becomes a physician's patient.

A New View Debates Antibiotics for Appendicitis | Medical Blog

Here’s what Jane E. Brody, New York Times Personal Health columnist, had to say about surgeons who think appendicitis should be treated with an operation. “This is

EMR notes: Copy and paste, done in haste, what a waste | Medical Blog

"It doesn’t matter what is written in a chart unless something goes wrong."

Semper Fidelis, Again | Medical Blog

When he was 23 years old, he’d wanted to die. It was 2005. He was a Marine, a Corporal, and was lying alone in a hospital bed

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