Internal Medicine

Many Children With Reported Penicillin Allergy Are Not Allergic

Follow-up of 100 children found none were allergic to penicillin

Major Zika Outbreak Considered Unlikely in the United States

Higher standard of living reduces odds the virus-carrying mosquitoes will thrive

Arm Circumference May Be Useful Predictor of CVD Survival

Findings among elderly patients with cardiovascular disease

More Cognitive Difficulties for Patients After Chemotherapy

Breast cancer survivors report cognitive issues after chemo, through six-month follow-up

Greater Drop in Readmissions With ACA Program Penalties

Greater reductions in readmission rates compared with those at non-penalized hospitals

Alcohol Abuse Ups Risk of Several Heart Conditions

Alcohol abuse of similar magnitude to other well-recognized modifiable risk factors

Retailers Often Recommend Age-Restricted Supplements to Teens

Authors say pediatricians need to discourage their use for athletic performance

Maternal, Paternal Obesity Tied to Childhood Development Delays

Having both parents with BMI ≥35 kg/m² linked to likelihood of failing problem-solving domain

Pelvic Physical Therapy Effective for Functional Constipation

More effective than standard medical care for most outcomes in children with functional constipation

ACP Updates Recommendations for Oral Medications in T2DM

Recs serve as update to 2012 American College of Physicians guideline

Conventional Trials Can’t Detect Heterogeneity in BP Tx Effects

Clinically important heterogeneity in intensive BP tx effect can be ID’d in sequential randomization trials

Gunshot Violence Transmitted Through Social Networks

Best performing models for predicting victims of gun violence based on social contagion, demographics

Corticosteroids Linked to Worse Outcome in Facial Palsy

Worse facial function outcomes for patients with Lyme disease-associated facial palsy

Similar Outcomes for Permissive Underfeeding, Standard Feeding

For critically ill patients, outcomes similar in those at high, low nutritional risk

Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Up Risk of Mortality in CRC

Obese patients with metabolic syndrome have increased risk of all-cause, CRC-related death

U-Shaped Link for Fish Consumption, Mortality

Women only have increased mortality risk at the highest level of fish consumption

New Anticancer Drugs Up Costs and Life Expectancy Considerably

Lifetime costs up $72,000, life expectancy up 13 months with new drug use in breast cancer

Advanced Glycation End Products Tied to Renal Function Loss

AGEs improve RFL prediction in American-Indians with type 2 diabetes

Too Few Diabetes Patients Receiving Statins

Two in five middle-aged patients don’t get the medications, despite recommendations to do so

Electroacupuncture Helps Ease Chronic Severe Constipation

Led to symptom relief from chronic severe functional constipation even 12 weeks after treatment

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