This study aimed to analyze and study the clinical effect of suture anchors in the treatment of radial head fractures (RHFs).
A total of 11 patients (five male and six female) with RHFs who were treated from March 2016 to June 2021 were included in this study. They were 17-61 (average 38.5) years old. In terms of the Johnston-Mason classification, two cases were type II, seven cases were type III, and two cases were type IV. All patients were treated with open reduction and anchor internal fixation.
All 11 patients were followed up, all incisions healed by first intention, and the duration of follow-up was 14-20 months. The average operation time was 40 ± 15 min. The clinical healing time was 4-6 (average 5) weeks. No patients had any complications, such as traumatic arthritis, malunion, nerve injury, joint stiffness, or incision infection. The clinical effects were evaluated according to the Mayo Elbow Performance Score. The scores of all 11 cases were 90-95, all excellent.
The application of suture anchor internal fixation in the treatment of RHFs has the advantages of accurate reduction, no need for a secondary operation to remove the fixation materials, less trauma, fewer complications, good fracture healing, and good recovery of elbow extension, flexion, and rotation functions.

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