To present our surgical technique and the outcome of single-incision laparoscopic percutaneous extraperitoneal closure (SILPEC) of patent processus vaginalis (PPV) without hydrocelectomy for childhood primary hydrocele (CPH).
A prospective study was conducted on all cases of CPH treated with SILPEC at our center between June 2016 and December 2021. In our SILPEC procedure, PPV was closed extraperitoneally using a percutaneous needle with a wire lasso. No hydrocelectomy or fenestration of the hydrocele was performed. Percutaneous aspiration was performed when the hydrocele fluid could not be pushed back to the peritoneal cavity.
553 patients were enrolled, with a median age of 34 months (range from 22 months to 13 years). Ipsilateral PPV was present in all cases. There were no intraoperative complications and no conversion. At follow-up 6-72 months, recurrent hydrocele occurred in 0.36%, and subcutaneous stitch inflammatory reaction was noted in 0.7%. There was no case of testicular atrophy or iatrogenic cryptorchidism. Postoperative cosmesis was excellent as all patients were virtually scarless.
Ipsilateral PPV was present in all cases of CPH in our series. Our technique of SILPEC of PPV without hydrocelectomy is feasible and safe, with excellent postoperative cosmesis in the management of CPH.

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