Hemoglobin is a biomarker of interest for the diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases such as anemia, sickle cell disease, and thalassemia. In this paper, we present a disposable device that has the potential of being used in a setting for accurately quantifying hemoglobin levels in whole blood based on colorimetric analysis using a smartphone camera. Our biosensor employs a disposable microfluidic chip which is made using medical-grade tapes and filter paper on a glass slide in conjunction with a custom-made PolyDimethylSiloaxane (PDMS) micropump for enhancing capillary flow. Once the blood flows through the device, the glass slide is imaged using a smartphone equipped with a custom 3D printed attachment. The attachment has a Light Emitting Diode (LED) that functions as an independent light source to reduce the noise caused by background illumination and external light sources. We then use the RGB values obtained from the image to quantify the hemoglobin levels. We demonstrated the capability of our device for quantifying hemoglobin in Bovine Hemoglobin Powder, Frozen Beef Blood, and human blood. We present a logarithmic model that specifies the relationship between the Red channel of the RGB values and Hemoglobin concentration.