Our study examined the association between problem-focused coping and resilience among fibromyalgia (FM) patients who live under constant security threats. Resilience is a coping resource and detrimentally affects FM female patients (FMPs) to get up and cope with life. A cohort of 96 FMPs ages 19-75 was subjected to a Fibrotherapy intervention program in the Rehabilitation Help Center in Sderot (Ezra Le’Marpeh), Israel. We examined levels of problem-oriented coping and levels of resilience among the sample. In addition, we assessed whether there is a correlation between their resilience level and their medical metrics. The research included medical metrics and physical metrics. A cohort of 16 FMPs who participated in the quantitative phase composed the qualitative sample. Data from the t-test showed improved mental resilience among all the sample, with a significantly higher level among problem-oriented FMPs. We conclude that resilience is acquired through problem-oriented coping strategies. Furthermore, the association between resilience and problem-oriented coping helped to improve health indicators since coping with the disease included entering a regime of physicals activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.