This scoping review summarizes existing approaches, benefits, and barriers to shared decision-making (SDM) in the context of sports cardiology. Among 6,058 records screened, 37 articles were included in this review. Most included articles defined SDM as an open dialogue between the athlete, healthcare team, and other stakeholders. The benefits and risks of management strategies, treatment options, and return-to-play were the focus of this dialogue. Key components of SDM were described through various themes, such as emphasizing patient values, considering non-physical factors, and informed consent. Benefits of SDM included enhancing patient understanding, implementing a personalized management plan, and considering a holistic approach to care. Barriers to SDM included pressure from institutions, consideration of multiple perspectives in decision-making, and the potential liability of healthcare providers. The use of SDM when discussing management, treatment, and lifestyle modification for athletes diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition is necessary to ensure patient autonomy and engagement.
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