For millennia, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has relieved the pain of countless patients with its unique theory and treatment method, which has provoked researchers’ interest for exploring the biological and molecular mechanisms. This special issue highlights recent advances of this ancient and mysterious medical system in the basic science research field. The authors in this volume explored the molecular characteristics of TCM syndromes and the disease-resistant mechanisms of acupuncture and Chinese herbs in the diseases effecting the human motor system, digestive system, nervous system, and other organ systems by applying high-throughput omics technologies, molecular biology experiments, animal models and other methods. Alongside enhancing their perception of TCM from these latest findings, readers can also understand how to cross the systematic theory of TCM with modern molecular biology techniques. These studies advance our understanding of the potential mechanisms of TCM in treating human diseases, and also provide inspiration for the development of novel TCM-based therapeutic strategies. We hope these efforts will promote extensive development in TCM research.
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