The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristics and prognostic factors of pediatric uveitis in a French university referral hospital.
We performed a retrospective study of all cases of all pediatric uveitis seen at our institution over a 7-year period.
A total of 141 eyes of 86 children were included. The mean age was 10.7 years, and 61.6% were girls. The uveitis was bilateral in 64.0% of cases. Anterior uveitis (41.0%) and intermediate uveitis (32.0%) were the most frequent forms. The most frequent etiologies were idiopathic (27.9%), juvenile idiopathic arthritis (25.6%) and pars planitis (18.6%). During the follow-up period, systemic corticosteroids were received by 43.0% of children, immunosuppressive drugs by 31.4% and biological agents by 18.6%. At the final examination, complications were present in 67.0% of patients: 18.0% had cataracts, and 11.3% had intraocular hypertension. Posterior synechiae were present in 27.6% of eyes, optic disc edema in 10.5% and macular edema in 16.2%. At the last visit, visual acuity was better than 20/200 in 97.0% of cases. The presence of band keratopathy, cataract or glaucoma was an independent predictor of impaired visual outcomes at follow-up.
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is one of the most frequent and severe pediatric uveitides. Close monitoring and early treatment could prevent complications.

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