A new analytical method for rapid screening of influenza virus neuraminidase inhibitors was established. The method is based on the principle that, given a certain amount of neuraminidase, the sample and the neuraminidase act in the microplate for a period of time, and the active neuraminidase that is not inhibited by the sample can generate a fluorescence value at a specific wavelength after binding to the substrate, and the rate of inhibition of neuraminidase by the sample can be calculated based on the actual detected fluorescence value. This newly developed method was used to screen and evaluate the in vitro anti-neuraminidase activity of 39 high-purity compounds contained in three traditional Chinese herbal medicines, and finally 25 compounds with strong activity were obtained. The newly established neuraminidase inhibitor analytical method has these advantages of practicality, rapidity, high sensitivity and low cost, and has a good value for promotion and application. This article newly establishes a rapid, sensitive, simple and practical screening method for influenza virus neuraminidase inhibitors, which is a great complement to the existing methods and has a good promotion and application value.
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