This study was conducted for the purposes of developing the Mobile Epilepsy Education Package (MEEP) for mothers who have children with epilepsy, and evaluating the efficacy of such a package.
The research consisted of a randomized, controlled experimental study. DISCERN measuring tool was used to evaluate the content of MEEP. The evaluation of the package was conducted with a total of 60 mothers-30 participants in the intervention group and 30 controls. This study was conducted in the Pediatric Neurology Outpatient Clinic of a hospital with mothers who had children with epilepsy, ages 3-6. A Description Form, the Epilepsy Knowledge Scale for Parents, and Parental Anxiety over Seizures Scale were used in the data collection.
The general quality evaluation of MEEP according to the experts was rated 70.35 ± 6.20, with interrater agreement at a good level. Knowledge and anxiety scores were similar in the groups prior to the mobile application. Following the application, a significant increase was seen in the level of knowledge about epilepsy among the intervention group mothers (p < .001), while a significant decrease was observed in anxiety over seizures (p = .009).
MEEP, which was developed to evaluate mothers’ levels of knowledge about epilepsy and their state of anxiety over seizures, resulted in an increase in knowledge and reduced anxiety.
A simple-to-use, easy-to-access and low-cost mobile application has been developed that facilitates epilepsy diagnosis, follow-up and treatment, increases mothers’ knowledge levels, and reduces anxiety levels.

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