Pharmacists in Alberta have been authorized to administer vaccines and other medications by injection for more than 10 years; however, little is known about the provision of this service and their opinions regarding this service. Understanding pharmacists’ experiences regarding injection services would inform development of strategies to improve provision of injection services.
To describe the actions related to administering an injection, including identification of commonly administered medications, and to identify perceived barriers and facilitators pharmacists face when providing injection services.
An online survey was developed and loaded into REDCap, and e-mail invitations were sent to 5714 pharmacists registered with the Alberta College of Pharmacy in October 2020. Responses were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Pharmacists who administered at least one injection in the previous year were considered active providers, and their opinions regarding injection services were compared with nonactive providers.
A total of 397 pharmacists responded to our survey, mean age was 42 years, 66% were female, 82% were community pharmacists, and 90% were active providers. The most common injection, administered by 98% of active providers, was influenza vaccine, followed by vitamin B12 (95%), herpes zoster vaccine (88%), hepatitis vaccines (86%), and pneumococcal vaccines (82%). Nonactive providers were more likely than active providers to report that comfort with administering injections (P < 0.001) and managing adverse reactions (P = 0.013) were moderate or major barriers to providing injections. More than 60% of pharmacists indicated that access and automated reporting to the provincial immunization registry would be essential to increasing the frequency of providing injection services.
We identified that Alberta pharmacists administer a wide variety of vaccines and other medications by injection. Respondents identified several barriers and facilitators to providing these services. Addressing these barriers may help improve provision of injection services by pharmacists.

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