New research is being presented at the 2014 VEITH Symposium, the 41st Annual Symposium on Vascular and Endovascul...

“Have you experienced hearing and vision loss or difficulty speaking?”

Can Patients Chew Gum Immediately Before Surgery?

Can Patients Chew Gum Immediately Before Surgery? | Articles, Blog Feature, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Medical Blog, Pop-Up on Article, Skeptical Scalpel, Surgery

"There has been long-standing debate about the subject of whether using gum and hard candy should be treated the same as ingesting a regular meal."

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Sphincter Blues

Sphincter Blues | Bruce Davis - Blog, Medical Blog, Pop-Up on Article

“One of life’s underappreciated pleasures is the filling and emptying of one’s hollow viscus.” —attributed to Samuel Johnson, but maybe not. Admit it, we all love filling our tummies, that much is obvious. But isn’t a good bowel movement also a pleasurable sensation? Yes, it’s incon ...

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TKA vs THA – Infographic

TKA vs THA - Infographic | InfoGraphics, Orthopedics, Surgery

Comparing knee and hip arthroplasties—a look at prevalence and reimbursement rates. ...

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