ISC 2015 New research was presented at ISC 2015, the annual International Stroke Conference, from February 11 to 13 in Nashville. The features ...

“So far, all I have found is a pair of gloves, and a wrist watch from the previous operation!”

Top 10 Best & Worst States for Docs to Work

Top 10 Best & Worst States for Docs to Work | Articles, Business of Medicine, Career Concerns, Hospital Medicine, Medical Blog, Pop-Up on Article

A recent article published in Forbes announces the best and worst states for doctors to work, released by WalletHub. Based on 12 metrics, including earning potential, compensation, hospitals per capita, insured population rate, patient population (such as patients over age 65), and the cost of malpr ...

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Do I Need an Annual Physical?

Do I Need an Annual Physical? | Articles, Medical Blog, Pop-Up on Article, Primary Care, Skeptical Scalpel

"Show me the data to support the idea that getting to know patients better and having genuine interactions with them leads to better outcomes."

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The Digital Divide in Older Patients

The Digital Divide in Older Patients | Articles, Business of Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospital Medicine, Opinion Article, Patient Relations, Primary Care, Recent Features, Slider

Over the last several years, many resources have been invested in internet-based interventions to improve health as a result of government programs and initiatives led by healthcare providers. These resources, including tools like electronic health records (EHRs) and online health portals, are desig ...

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